ASCII Media Works Poll Shows That Xbox 360 Is #1 In Customer Satisfaction...In Japan


Posted April 20, 2009 - By r_pad

ASCII Media Works Poll Shows That Xbox 360 Is #1 In Customer Satisfaction...In Japan

A recent poll conducted by ASCII Media Works showed that Japanese consumers are most satisfied with the Xbox 360 over other consoles. Right about now most of you are thinking, "WTF?!?" Here's some of the poll's (seemingly unbelievable) information, translated by the fine people at 1Up:

"Responders to ASCII's poll, which included owners and prospective buyers alike, were asked to rate each current console in six categories: Value for money, variety of interesting software, quality of visuals, external design, size/weight of console, and number of acquaintances who also owned the console. Despite huge dips in the 'size/weight' and 'acquaintances' categories, Xbox 360 managed to come out on top in total points, with 78.3 out of a possible 100.

The poll also revealed that Xbox 360 gamers played the most hours per week, at 28.8, while fully 90% keep their 360 in their own room. This last factoid is somewhat unusual in family-centric Japan; in contrast, 70% of Wii owners keep their console in the living room."

At first I thought that maybe Japanese people celebrated April Fool's Day in mid-April instead of the beginning of the month. Then I thought about what an inexact science statistics can be. The only thing that makes sense to me is that the comparatively small number of people that own an Xbox 360 in Japan are thrilled with the product and through some miracle have avoided the red ring of death...but I'm not really buying that one either. Sometimes, the Japanese market can be difficult to understand -- remember, this is a country where train-simulation games are huge.

Any theories on how the Xbox 360 came out on top in the ASCII poll? I'm struggling to understand the results.


ASCII Media Works Poll Shows That Xbox 360 Is #1 In Customer Satisfaction...In Japan


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