Analysis: March 2009 NPD Software Sales - 'Resident Evil 5' And 'Pokemon' Perform


Posted April 16, 2009 - By Brian Leahy

Resident Evil 5

I can't believe my eyes! Is that Wii Fit... all the way down at #5?! That amazing, but what titans of interactive technology were able to drop Wii Fit four spots?! Remember, these numbers only apply to the US.

  1. Resident Evil 5 (X360) - 938,000
  2. Pokemon Platinum (DS) - 805,000
  3. Halo Wars (X360) - 639,000
  4. Resident Evil 5 (PS3) - 585,000
  5. Wii Fit (Wii) - 541,000

Resident Evil 5 is the clear winner, selling 1.52 million copies across the Xbox 360 and PS3. The Xbox 360 version also moved a significant chunk more than the PS3, but I'm sure Sony would argue that a greater percentage of PS3 owners picked up the PS3 version versus Xbox 360 owners. Sony should ask Capcom which number they are happier about...

At number 2, Pokemon Platinum proves that, apparently, all have not been caught. 805,000 gamers picked up the upgraded version of Diamond and Pearl. Raymond tells me there are tons of new features and it's a totally new game, though.

Surprisingly, Halo Wars hits #3, but it's unclear how many of those sales were Halo 3 addicts picking up the Collector's Edition for early access to the "Mythic Map Pack" (or how many of them thought it was a new Halo FPS). If you were wondering what a franchise with clout looks like...

Click through for the rest of the list and more analysis.

  1. MLB 09: The Show (PS3) - 305,000
  2. Killzone 2 (PS3) - 296,000
  3. Wii Play (Wii) - 281,000
  4. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - 278,000
  5. MLB 2K9 (X360) - 205,000

It's baseball season and MLB 09: The Show steals sixth (That isn't even a base!), defeating the Xbox 360 version of MLB 2K9. It's a good win for Sony, but unfortunately, it placed higher than their other exclusive, Killzone 2. Fans hoping that KZ2 would be the PS3's Halo or Gears of War might want to start looking toward God of War III. Killzone 2 sales fell by about 30,000 from February (and it was only available for two days in February). This means that the game sold more copies in its first two days than over the entire following month. Expect the sales to stagnate and drop off entirely. Don't expect a top 10 finish for April.

Additionally, as Raymond pointed out in his analysis of the NPD hardware numbers, sales of the PS3 were down surrounding the release of Killzone 2. Now, everybody was down so this could just be the result of the troubling economy and not a clear indicator of how well KZ2 can perform as a system seller, but I'm not holding my breath. Either way, for someone that doesn't own one, getting a PS3 for a single game is a $460 investment. Comparatively, the point of entry for an Xbox 360 game is (at minimum) $260 and the Wii clocks in at around $300. That is a big difference and one Sony really needs to move to correct.

Rounding out the list are a bunch of first-party Nintendo Wii titles. Gone is Guitar Hero World Tour, which was making a showing for the third-parties on the Wii month over month. Maybe Nintendo should keep telling us that third-party games sell perfectly fine on the Wii. Sure, they sell a lot of third-party games overall, but gamers don't seem to be flocking to specific titles unless Big N releases them.

Overall, sales were down 17% from last year. So far, the industry is looking at a yearly drop if this keeps up. Personally, I'm sad that sales of Street Fighter IV have dropped off. I love that game so much. Now if only MadCatz would get around to shipping more arcade sticks.

Were you surprised by these numbers?

Analysis: March 2009 NPD Software Sales - 'Resident Evil 5' And 'Pokemon' Perform


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