TheFeed's Weekend Playlist: 'Psychonauts',' 'MadWorld' and 'Yaris'(?!)


Posted April 10, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

It's the weekend, folks, and that means Easter eggs for Christians, leftover brisket and matzo ball soup for Jews and, for atheists, nothing... but that's how they like it. TheFeed will, as always, be playing video games this weekend, and here's which titles we'll be rocking on this most holy of weekends.

Halo 3

Brian Leahy: I feel like this weekend will be an achievement whoring weekend. In between matches of Halo 3 on the new Mythic maps, I’ll be grinding out some gamerpoints on Fallout 3, GTA IV, and Resident Evil 5. I’ll probably also try out RE5 Versus and see if it’s worth $5. Have you played it yet? Is it?


Billy Berghammer: It’s Easter weekend, so what games (outside of our feature, of course) would be appropriate? How about MadWorld! C’mon! After being hopped up on Cadbury crème eggs and jelly beans (no to Peeps – they’re gross) nothing says Easter like the brutal mayhem of MadWorld. Outside of that, I’m itching to play some more Metal Gear Online and Left 4 Dead.

TheFeed's Weekend Playlist: 'Psychonauts,' 'MadWorld' and 'Yaris'(?!)

Joe Paulding: If I manage to sneak a few hours away from trying to sort out my apartment situation (trying to move, current landlord is making it difficult), I’ll be firing up Fallout 3. Also, after reading Ray’s Brutal Legend Preview , I decided I need to go back and play Tim Schafer’s most recent masterpiece, Psychonauts, which I missed out on. 


Stephen Johnson: Last weekend I played Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust, and it scarred me enough that I will be spending this weekend clutching a blanket and trying to remember who I am. I am some kind of masochist, so I'm also going to download and play Yaris, which, at the time of this posting, is the only game for the 360 to have received a lower rating at gamerankings.com than Box Office Bust.

What games will you be playing this weekend?

TheFeed's Weekend Playlist: 'Psychonauts',' 'MadWorld' and 'Yaris'(?!)


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