'Lost' Tonight: Big Showdown In The Making?


Posted April 8, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

'Lost' Tonight: Big Showdown In The Making?

Oh, baby! It's possible that we're in for a big showdown tonight on Lost. As some may recall, the last episode ended in "the present" (2008) with the newly-resurrected Locke sitting at the knocked-unconscious Ben's bedside as he awoke. At that point, Ben probably soiled his pants with two different forms of media when he saw that the man he had murdered back in the States (Locke) was alive and well on the island. (If I were Locke, I would beat the f*** out of him until...forever.)

Judging from the previews, tonight's episode "Dead Is Dead," will be a Ben-centric episode. We've been seeing a recurring theme with the last few episodes of focusing on the primary motives of the Losties for returning to the island. (We last learned Jack finally gave in to his "destiny" and came back because he was "supposed to," and that Kate came back to get Claire and reunite her with her baby, Aaron.) For tonight, as Ben states pretty clearly, he has come back to the island "to be judged." As long-time viewers of Lost know, the infamous Smoke Monster (which some refer to as Cerberus) is the entity on the island that does all the "judging." (Ask Mr. Eko. Oh right, you can't, because the Monster judged him...to death.) 


As the preview reveals, it seems that Ben will return to the Temple where in the last episode, Richard Alpert (the poster boy for anti-aging) took the dying, gun-shot, child version of Ben to "heal" him, also taking away his innocence and making him "one of them" forever. We also already know that the Temple is the home (or one of the homes) of the Smoke Monster.

Ben once again referred to "the rules," of which he accused Charles Widmore of breaking when the mercenary killed his daughter, Alex. (Whose "adoption at gunpoint" will apparently also be documented tonight in flashback. It seems that Ben confesses to John that he himself, also broke the rules. Will that help him when he finally faces that giant, sulfuric arbiter of the island? Well, he might have a bit more to confess before such a strategy works. (Patricide, kidnappings, betrayals, genocides, and other universally-reviled "bad things" of pretty much all the major categories.)

The only way to find out, is to tune in tonight. (ABC 9/8c)

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'Lost' Tonight: Big Showdown In The Making?


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