Original 'Star Fox' Creator Not Interested In Making 'Star Fox' For Wii


Posted April 3, 2009 - By agentcooperfbi

After interviewing Q Games President Dylan Cuthbert about PixelJunk Eden, we hit him up on some questions with a franchise he helped create for Nintendo – Star Fox. As most Star Fox fans would agree, there were few Star Fox titles worth playing: Star Fox, Star Fox 64, and Star Fox Command. Not surprisingly, Cuthbert was involved in the creation of two out of  three - Star Fox, and Star Fox Command. Cuthbert was also involved with the development of Star Fox 2, however sadly, even though that game was never released, there were apparently elements from that game - including the tank levels - that made it into Star Fox 64.

Original Star Fox Creator Not Interested In Making Star Fox For Wii

Since the release of Star Fox Command on the Nintendo DS, there hasn’t been a Star Fox title for quite a while. Considering the fact that there hasn’t been a Star Fox title released on the Wii so far, most would believe that this year will be the year where Fox McCloud will climb into his Arwing for his first Wii Star Fox voyage.

So will Cuthbert and Q Games be at the helm? Not likely….

G4: Would you like to do another Star Fox game?

Dylan Cuthbert: (Laughter) After Command? Uhh, not yet. Maybe in another 10 years. I’ve made three.

G4: Well there hasn’t been one for the Wii yet…

Cuthbert: The problem with that is that it’d be a big project, like 100 people on the staff. It’s just not something we really want to do. I’m sure someone will make it. Maybe they’ll go back to Namco.

G4: I hope not, personally. (laughs) I’d rather you did it.

Cuthbert: Well, maybe in the future, you never know. Star Fox is an interesting brand. It has a very hardcore audience. People like those furries a little too much. (laughs)

G4: Oh! People are going to love that quote. (laughs) I have to ask you, why do you think it was always difficult for developers when Fox got out of the Arwing. Fox is a pilot, but they’d always get him out of…like the tank, the tank was cool, but it still felt like an Arwing - Why do you think people wanted to take him out of being a pilot and have him run around on foot?

Cuthbert: I think that’s all Miyamoto.  Whenever I speak to Miyamoto about Star Fox, he says it’s not meant to be just a flying, sci-fi shooting game. It’s meant to be anything we want to think up. But the core fans don’t want that, but Miyamoto doesn’t really care about that. He wants to make what he wants to make, so he just goes ahead and gets it done.

G4: So you’d never like to make one for Wii where you control it with the Wiimote on it’s side?

Cuthbert: Yeah, no the Wii controller would be a bit too hard to use. I don’t know…maybe the new one…

G4: Motion Plus?

Cuthbert: Yeah. Maybe that’d be more fun to play with. I don’t know. The Wii is a bit more of a toy, I think.

So Star Fox fans, it’s not looking like Q Games will be heading up Star Fox Wii. We’ll bet it’ll either be internally with Nintendo, or they’ll farm it out to a third party such as Namco (please God, no!)  We’ll have the rest of our full interview with Dylan Cuthbert and Baiyon and everything PixelJunk Eden next week.

[ed: The original article credited Cuthbert with working on Star Fox 64, which was incorrect. Even though elements from the unreleased Star Fox 2 made it into Star Fox 64, this was an error on my part. I apologize for the mistake. Blame Slippy.]

Original 'Star Fox' Creator Not Interested In Making 'Star Fox' For Wii


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