April Fool's Day Game Joke Round-Up: Exxxxxtreme Edition


Posted April 1, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Nintendo April Fool

It's April Fool's Day, everybody. And that means you fools shouldn't believe anything you read on the Internet. In fact, stop believing what you're reading right now; I'm totally tricking you! In honor of the day when everyone tries to get you to believe things that aren't true, please enjoy our list of some of the more notable, noticeable and funny April Fool's day pranks in the world of gaming.

  • The photo above if from the Wii Fit. Apparently, even your balance board wants to fool you. Good one, Nintendo, but this gag would have worked better if it was from Microsoft and 360 users all over the world were beset with spontaneous Red Rings of Death. Ha ha, right?
  • Blizzard always does some funny stuff on April Fool's Day. This year, it's a World of Warcraft PvP dance battle announcement, a Transformers inspired Starcraft II unit (the Terra-Tron) and the revelation of a new character class in Diablo III, the Archivist. Archivists "wade into battle wielding tome and quill, armored not in ensorcelled plate or links of chain, but in the knowledge of generations past."
  • The April Fool's prize for pure comedy, goes to geek clothing company Jinx, whose hysterical new line of Exxxxxtreme Gamer products must be seen to be believed. Luckily, there's a video.  You know you need a water-cooled headband and an Exxxxxtreme iWin button.

  • Xbox is in on the April Fool's fun too, with an announcement of fake game Alpine Legend, a Guitar Hero style game about yodeling and alphorning. I wish it was real.
  • Think Geek is selling fully functional Portal t-shirts. I wish this was real, too.
  • Game news site Gamespot reports that the Umbrella Corporation is seeking a government bailout.
  • Digital Something is reporting that Skate 2 has signed a new skater: Tony Hawk.
  • Binge Gamer says Congress is requesting hearing into steroid use in video games.
  • This one is so cruel, it's almost not funny: Japanese website Akiba Blog has run a post saying that Dragon Quest IX went on sale last night. People in Japan are literally living their lives to play this game! You don't toy with those kinds of emotions...unless it's funny.

And, in non-gaming news, here are a few stories that are (to the best of my knowledge) actually true:

  •  Reigning Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela visited Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and said she had "a lot of fun."
  • The Conficker Virus turns out to have been a dud...or was it an elaborate hoax??
  • Finally, trying to get into the April Fool's Day spirit, UC San Diego emailed around 28,000 students saying they've been accepted into the school, but really, they'd been rejected. Ha, ha! Good one, UC San Diego!

I'm sure I missed at least 65,000 Internet April Fool's jokes, but I'm equally sure you'll clue me in in our comments section. What did you think was funniest, lamest or raddest goof of the day? What golden opportunities for pranks did the gaming world miss?

April Fool's Day Game Joke Round-Up: Exxxxxtreme Edition


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