Netflix Increases Blu-ray Rentals by $3/Month


Posted March 30, 2009 - By bleahy

Netflix LogoSad news for Netflix subscribers using the service to rent Blu-ray discs... the company has increased the cost of snagging Blu-rays by $3 to an extra $4 month over standard DVD plans.

It amounts to $36 extra a year, which isn't a lot, but it's the principle of the thing. In an email to subscribers, Netflix said:

The number of Blu-ray titles has increased significantly and will continue to do so. As we buy more, you are able to choose from a rapidly expanding selection of Blu-ray titles. And as you've probably heard, Blu-ray discs are substantially more expensive than standard definition DVDs.

Yes, I've heard that Blu-ray discs are more expensive than regular DVDs... it's why I rent Blu-rays instead of buying them. Sure, the selection is increasing, but the service isn't changing at all. The shipping won't get any faster and I'm not getting extra queue slots for my Blu-rays. It's always a drag when something gets more expensive without any improvement.

This is also your warning that Netflix will automatically begin charging you the extra $3 if you are already signed up for Blu-ray and do nothing. Head over to your Netflix account to take action.

Personally, I have cancelled my Blu-ray plan and dropped down to regular discs. I tend to rent primarily TV shows anyway, which aren't always available on Blu-ray so this isn't a big deal for me. What do you plan on doing?

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Netflix Increases Blu-ray Rentals by $3/Month


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