'Wonder Woman' Feature Film Moves Along, Looks For Director


Posted March 30, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

'Wonder Woman' Feature Film Moves Along, Looks For DirectorIt seems that there are finally consistent signs of life with the long-rumored Wonder Woman feature film. IESB is reporting that studios Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures have been working "enthusiastically" together to finally make this new project with our favorite Amazonian Warrior Princess (yeah, screw Xena) a reality. With news that they have been looking for writers and listening to pitches, it is now being reported that the search has begun for a director. (One whose name, if they know what's good for them, will not rhyme with "Patner" or "Whomacher.")

Riddle me this, people: What are your thoughts of a Wonder Woman film? And by that, I mean a Wonder Woman film in the post-Dark Knight era of comic films where serious and intelligent concepts are carefully interlaced with solid action.

The studios have obviously been nursing this project for a long time, making sure that that it gets the proper creative TLC that it needs. However, the margin of error for Wonder Woman to drift into the aspect of "camp" is quite small. The character has long been the punchiline for S&M jokes and fodder for sexual fantasy since her 1941 debut. (More so after the campy 1970's TV series with Lynda Carter.) Would they be able to pull off something that could be taken seriously? Will the lingering image of Lynda Carter spinning around to disco music be something that average movie-goers can move past? These are the questions we, nay, the WORLD must face!

**Goes back to feeling up a super-articulated DC Universe Wonder Woman action figure in disturbing ways.**


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'Wonder Woman' Feature Film Moves Along, Looks For Director


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