Big Sony Announcement Tomorrow?


Posted March 30, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

SonyLate Friday, gaming blog Kotaku and Australian website Smarthouse both reported they've received word from Sony that the company is planning to make a big announcement tomorrow. So this post is a pre-announcement-announcement in order to announce that you should prepare yourself for something to be announced.

Smarthouse says:

"Analysts are tipping either a massive price drop for the PS3 or the launch of a brand new browser and online content."

I'm not sure who these tipping analysts are, but having analyzed the situation myself, I don't think a PS3 price-cut announcement or new browser is happening tomorrow. Sure, the immediate thought that springs to mind with any Sony news is "ZOMG! Price cut!" but immediate thoughts are often wrong. Why would Sony drop a bombshell like that the week after the huge Game Developers Conference and a few months before the huger E3?

I think it's more likely that Sony is going to announce a PlayStation 2 for under $100.

There's already some indication that a $99 PlayStation 2 is happening, in the form of an Internet picture that purports to be a scan from K-Mart's retail database showing a listing for a $99 PS2. It's shaky evidence, but it makes sense that Sony would try to boost PlayStation 2 sales one more time. And given the not-exactly earth-shaking nature of a PS2 price-cut, the timing of the announcement seems spot-on, as well.

Sony could be announcing something else entirely, of course. Maybe colors for the PlayStation 3 case? Perhaps a limited-edition, hand-knitted PlayStation 3 cozy to keep your machine warm? Whatever the case: You have about 24 hours to speculate and offer opinions. Please feel free to do so in our comments section.



Big Sony Announcement Tomorrow?