Molyneux Talks 'Fable II' DLC


Posted March 26, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Fable II

Gaming legend Peter Molyneux took time out of his GDC schedule to sit down with video game blog Kotaku, and the creator of Fable and Fable II revealed some interesting info on what to expect from the next Fable II downloadable content: It's going to be big, and it's going to be emotional.

Molyneux, known for making grand prediction which he often even delivers upon, said that the next DLC for Fable II  is called "See the Future" and aims to improve upon Knothole Island, the first DLC released for the game. See the Future will be available in spring, "We're in the spring now, so don't think months, think more like weeks," Molyneux said.

"The first (DLC) was done very close to Fable II and the team was tired and we sort of pushed ourselves to get something out early for the fans," Molyneux said. "This time we've taken a little bit more time on it; it's a little bit more story driven. It answers some of the questions, if you're a real fan of Fable, it answers some of those questions. It's going to test you a little bit emotionally as well. But I think the real unique thing here is it starts to tease and hint at what it starting to happen in the world of Albion and what is happening in the future."

First it was Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time featuring time travel, and now it's the creator of Fable II mentioning the passage of time. Is there something in the air today or what?

In the interview, Molyneux revealed what might be a tiny hint about theoretical sequel Fable III.

"If we were to take the franchise even further, going on from Fable II, I'm not announcing anything, but if you play See the Future you're going to be getting a flavor at what's going to be happening...My ideal is what I would want to happen is something big."

I thought the Knothole Island DLC was pretty cool, with the new potions and whatnot, but it did seem a little like an after thought. It was very short, and very easy. After the massive DLC that Rockstar dropped for Grand Theft Auto IV, the bar is set pretty high for future add-on content. I loved the main game of Fable II enough to line up for the second piece of DLC, though. What about you? Are you in the tank for Fable II?


Molyneux Talks 'Fable II' DLC


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