'Heroes Magazine' Exclusive Preview of Interview With Masi Oka


Posted March 26, 2009 - By Mike D'Alonzo

'Heroes' Magazine Exclusive Preview Interview With Masi OkaIn Official Heroes Magazine #10 which comes out on May 19th, there is an interview with Hiro Nakamua himself, Masi Oka, and we have an early exclusive transcript of that interview for you now. You can tell all your friends that you have exclusive Heroes information right from the source and they don't. Enjoy.

Heroes Magazine: Although it seems likely Hiro will get some powers back, Oka doubts visiting past and future will be part of the package.

Masi Oka: There won’t be any more time traveling. I think that’s a safe assumption. I think we realized that we had a great story arc in the first season and we kind of exhausted it. Time traveling is such a powerful thing because logic dictates, ‘Oh, why don’t you just go back in time and fix whatever went wrong?’ So even with the rules we put on, the characters still need to grow, and so do their powers. I don’t think Hiro will ever get his time traveling powers back. However, we’re still going to be able to tell origin stories and flashback stories, so in terms of past scenes we’ll tell the story more cleanly.

What can we expect as Heroes goes into season four, with Bryan Fuller back on the writing staff?

We’re going to go back to the fundamentals that made the show really great. We’ll be going back to the central characters to tell smaller stories, but with big action. Episodes will be more character-based and more centered on specific characters as we see them come together to try to save themselves.

Fan reaction to the show still bowls Oka over, admits the humble actor.

We got such an amazing response after the first season that I never would have expected. We have such amazing, loyal, passionate fans that turned our show into a phenomenon. And we were, ‘Wow, we knew we had something special, but…’ I didn’t know how the mainstream would react, and we’re just so grateful for the way the mainstream has responded.

There’s no doubt about it, Heroes has changed the cast’s lives for good and Masi Oka is no exception.

I’m just very grateful. I’m very lucky. I really still can’t believe that this is happening to me, even after a couple of years. Literally, Heroes has changed my life. I love the character, you never know where it’s going to go. I want to thank the fans for all their support and say keep sticking with us, because there are definitely a lot of good things coming down the pipeline.

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 'Heroes' Magazine Exclusive Preview Interview With Masi Oka<

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'Heroes Magazine' Exclusive Preview of Interview With Masi Oka


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