'Stars and Stripes' Launches Military Gaming Site


Posted March 24, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Stripes Gamer

Independent U.S. military newspaper Stars and Stripes has teamed up with Consumer Solutions Gaming, LLC, of  Houston, TX, to provide military gamers a free place online to form teams, schedule matches, issue challenges, compete in leagues and tournaments and otherwise get their game on.

The site (Stripes GAMER) launched today, officially, although it has been in Beta since September. Several seasons are presently underway with prizes planned for the winners.

"We see StripesGAMER.com as a rare opportunity to  provide a full-featured site that caters specifically to a unique and deserving audience-one that includes not only active-duty military but also veterans and family members,"  said Terry Tognietti, StripesGAMER.com's Executive  Director of Operations and Strategy. "It also provides a  social space for connecting with fellow gamers among family and friends-and between military branches."

Personally, I would not play Counterstrike or Gears of War 2 with these military guys. They train to shoot people for reals, and my skills, I'm afraid, would result in my untimely death, many times over. But if any military fellows want to try me at Mario Kart, I can only say "Bring it, man. I will throw a banana at your tires...with a vengeance!"

Seriously, though, for people who live and work in war zones, I imagine gaming must be a great relief, both from stress and from being exhausted. Soldierin' is a tough job. Plus, if you're stationed in Kandahar, it's not like you're going to go out for a nice walk when your shift is done. Stars and Stripes is awesome for helping provide this much needed service.

If you're in the military or used to be in the military, give us a shout out in our comment section... and leave your opinion about which branch is the best at games -- military flame-war, ho!

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'Stars and Stripes' Launches Military Gaming Site


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