'TheFeed's' Weekend Playlist: 'Resistance', 'MLB 2K9', 'Rock Band 2', And More!


Posted March 20, 2009 - By r_pad

Before I kick off this week's edition of TheFeed's "Weekend Playlist." I wanted to make sure everyone knew that it's Brian Leahy's birthday today. He's a tremendous part of why TheFeed is such an awesome place to read and discuss gaming. If you're so inclined, leave your birthday wishes for Brian in the comments section.

Now moving onto business. Here's what TheFeed writers have planned for their weekend gaming sessions. Please let the crew know what you're playing and if you think any of their picks are ridiculous.

This week, Brian starts off the list since it's his birthday (someone please gift him some Street Fighter IV skills). After that, it will be alphabetical order based on the second letter of the writers' first names.

resistance retribution, insomniac games, ted price is awesome

Brian Leahy: Tonight, I'll be playing "celebrate my birthday," but after that, I'll put some more time into GTA: The Lost & Damned now that Billy and I finished our playthrough of Resident Evil 5. There's always more Street Fighter IV to be played (on Xbox 360). Then it's off to GDC where I'll have my DS and PSP for GTA: Chinatown Wars and Resistance: Retribution.

Major League Baseball 2K9, MLB, NY Yankees rule

Raymond Padilla: Damn it. GDC is next week and there are so many games I want to commit to. I started playing Pokemon Platinum last night. Sadly, my conquest of Sinnoh will have to be put on hold. The good news is that my Pokemon best friend (I'm way better than he) is a game developer, and he'll be crashing with me during GDC. I'm sure we're going to have some epic battles (all of which I expect to win).

Tonight, I'm planning to start a season of Major League Baseball 2K9 -- partially because I'm jealous that some of my friends are catching spring training games, as well as the fact that I love the series. My New York Yankees will dominate like it's 1998. Lastly, I'm intrigued by Scrabble on EA Play's Hasbro Family Games Night. The board game totally rules and my friend at Marvel (yo, Cbake!) thought highly of the XBLA demo. I'd love to get in a few games with him and my dear friend Rannie.

Jeffrey Kanjanapangka: Well, with the last hurrah before the incoming avalanche that GDC will bring, I’m definitely pushing to finish up Resident Evil 5 this weekend before someone finally ruins the story for me. Also, I forgot how much fun the Valkyrie Profile series was with its beyond-insane combo-system. I'm gonna try my best at hitting into billion-damage range of Overkill! combos. Rock Band 2, GH: WT, and yes...SingStar at a cookout over the weekend. At some point, I'll also finish Dawn of War II and trying to crack into Empire Total War. Most importantly, I’m going to beat my brother at Settlers...and yes...I will trade four sheep for one brick.  Maddness, I know.

Bootsy Collins -- sorry kids, no diaper

Mike D'Alonzo: This weekend, I plan to download the “Funk Pack” for Rock Band 2 and play it until I am a master of the funk. I will only be playing the bass, as the funk is all about the bottom, even when it’s played by the Average White Band. By the time Monday morning rolls around, I expect to be wearing nothing but my adult-sized diaper and Star Child sunglasses -- a la Bootsy Collins -- speaking about spending some time on The Mothership. Oh, and I might also play a game of Madden, just because. Yes, all that while wearing the diaper.

Fiddy Cent 50

Billy Berghammer
: Considering that Brian Leahy and I just finished RE5 last night, I think I might go in and try Mercenaries. Or play through -- oncea again -- to max out some weapons. For the record, I think Sessler is #$%@ing crazy, and RE5 is a 4/5. Sorry Adam :). Outside of that, I'll most likely roll with my boy Fiddy Cent and see how his new game really is. All of the X-Play folks think it’s great, so I’m going to give that a whirl. Unfortunately, the weekend will be cut short since we’re rolling to SF on Sunday for next week’s GDC, so I have Resistance: Retribution packed for the flight.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Stephen Johnson: I’m spending the weekend in Santa Barbara. It’s my nephew Finn’s 8th birthday (Happy Birthday, Finn!), so we’re probably going to go over to his Nana’s (My mum’s) house and play the Wii together. We’ll hit some Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, as well as some Wii Sports. Oh, and I just miiiight have a special, birthday game or two in my bag of tricks. I can’t name them. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

(Working in the video-game industry makes it really easy to be "The Cool Uncle!")

'TheFeed's' Weekend Playlist: 'Resistance', 'MLB 2K9', 'Rock Band 2', And More!


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