'Metal Gear Solid Touch' Hands-On Impressions


Posted March 19, 2009 - By Brian Leahy

Metal Gear Solid Touch is Kojima Productions’ first foray into the world of the iPhone, but it might not be what you’re expecting. First and foremost, this is a shooting gallery game. You certainly won’t be doing any sneaking… or much moving for that matter. This isn’t like any of Metal Gear’s predacessors. However, that’s not a bad thing.

Levels play out like shooting galleries taken directly from Metal Gear Solid 4. You’ll recognize the locations and enemies and the story plays out on the same path as the PS3 game. Enemies will pop-up and must be shot before they shoot you and retreat into cover. Enemies vary from regular soldiers to Haven Troopers and even Gekkos. You’ll also fight the bosses from MGS4, which translate well.

Metal Gear Solid Touch Gameplay

Metal Gear Solid Touch Gameplay »

There are also a few power-ups to be snagged during gameplay. A yellow GA-KO can be shot to gain some life back. A sitting Kerotan will give Snake a limited stealth buff that acts as invincibility and a standing Kerotan gives Snake a single-shot rocket launcher (great for taking to choppers and Gekko).

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Once a level is unlocked, you can play it at any, which you can do to earn Drebin Points. Unlike MGS4, Drebin will not sell you weapons, but instead high-quality artwork of the characters from MGS4. Using the iPhone or iPod Touch’s screenshot ability, you can turn this art into your device’s wallpaper. Very nice!

Metal Gear Solid Touch - Drebin's Shop

Metal Gear Solid Touch - Drebin's Shop »

Unfortunately, your fingers will get in the way of the action some time, but it doesn’t ruin the game. The controls are sensitive enough to line up headshots fairly quickly and tapping to shoot works well. Snake will take cover when you stop touching the screen, which is done to dodge bullets and rockets. Sniping is especially fun and Snake switches to his SVD when you pinch the screen, which is required to hit far away enemies. It’s a great use of multi-touch.

I would, however, definitely recommend skipping this game if you haven’t played Metal Gear Solid 4. MGSTouch follows the same storyline as MGS4 and will summarize Kojima’s game with a few paragraphs of text. It’s definitely not the best way to experience the great story of MGS4.

Since most of the graphics are static images, the resolution is great and the game looks good for the iPhone. The sound is fantastic and you’ll want to use headphones to listen to the music and sound effects lifted straight from MGS4.

Konami told us that there going be additional content at some point to be determined later, which is why we are not doing a full review of the game at this time.

Bottom line: Is it fun? Yes. Metal Gear Solid Touch is a great game to pick-up and play for a while. The levels play quickly and most can be finished in one to two minutes and you’ll be graded on your performance. This helps add replayability as I definitely wanted to get the highest rank possible on each level.

Metal Gear Solid Touch is available now in the iTunes App Store for $7.99.

'Metal Gear Solid Touch' Hands-On Impressions


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