Activision Announces 'Space Camp'


Posted March 19, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Space Camp

Activision today announced a Wii and DS game that will excite space nerds and viewers of Double Dare the world over. That's right, Space Camp, the game, is coming to a Nintendo system near you this June!

The title is "packed with accessible space age mini-games and multiplayer options," according to Activision, and tells the story of an astronaut-in-training who rockets him/herself to the moon and must beat a series of mini-games featuring controlling spaceships, performing experiments and defending the moon from invaders in order to return to Earth. Plus, players have a robot. Check out our image gallery here.

Multiplayer modes include Co-op, well, sort-of co-op: Space Camp "allows one player to control the main character while a second can interact with environment." There is also a  Party Mode that offers the opportunity for up to four players to take part in mini-game tournaments set on both the Earth and lunar locales.

When we think "Space Camp," we think Brent Simon. Simon is a friend of TheFeed, the creator of great music, and YouTube legend for his hilarious musical tribute to his own childhood trip to Space Camp:


So we called Simon up to get his reaction to this important story.

G4: Space Camp features a plot that includes landing on the moon, doing scientific experiments and repelling an alien invasion. Is that what real space camp was like?

Brent Simon: No. That's not realistic at all. I don't recall battling any alien hordes while at space camp. But landing on the moon seems pretty cool, seeing as we're on the verge to returning to the moon. Maybe the game has lunar landing sim. Dealing with the Newtonian motion of a frictionless environment would be fun.

G4: Are you gonna pick up the game when it comes out in June?

BS: I sold my Wii so I could get an HD video camera! 

G4: Did the game makers call you to be a consultant or to do the game's theme song?

BS: No, they didn't.

G4: They lost out! What features from real space camp would you hope would be in the video game version?

BS: Well, You need a shuttle simulator. And a multi-axis trainer. Maybe you could bring an out of control multi-axis trainer back in line using the Wiimote. Maybe you could include astronaut ice cream.

G4: Would you live on a diet of only astronaut ice cream, if you could?

BS: I could maintain a steady diet of astronaut ice cream, but I'd need a drink too. That stuff is pretty dry.

G4: Thanks for the informative interview!

Pick up Space Camp in June, and visit Brent Simon at Nerdpunk.com!

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Activision Announces 'Space Camp'


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