'The Feed's' Weekend Playlist: 'Madworld', 'Resident Evil 5', 'Pokemon Pearl', And More!


Posted March 13, 2009 - By r_pad

Where the hell did the week go?!? That's what I want to know. As I figure that out, I thought I'd check on what my fellow staffers are playing this weekend. Some of the choices might surprise you! As always, let us know if any of our picks are crazy and tell us what you're playing this weekend.

This week's list is presented in alphabetical order by first name.

Billy Berghammer
: While I’ll mainly be playing the unpacking moving boxes game, and planning for GDC game...there are a few titles I will be exploring this weekend. First off I will be playing Metal Gear Solid: Touch to prepare for my review that will be hitting next week. But first my main goal is to finish off Killzone 2, and if I get past that, it’s Resident Evil 5 time. I was a huge RE4 fan, and can’t wait to play the game in co-op. So basically it’s unboxing and shooting things in the face. Happy weekend!

Brian Leahy: This weekend, I’m going to power through as much Resident Evil 5 as I can handle before the controls drive me absolutely insane. After that, it’s time for more Street Fighter IV and Killzone 2 multiplayer. Finally, I think I’ll finally drop the $20 on GTA: Lost & Damned and see how that plays out and maybe jam out to some more Stevie Ray Vaughn in Rock Band 2. Too many games!

Dana Vinson: This weekend, I'll be playing the new multiplatform game F#%k you, I'm Sleeping. For those of you who have never heard of the game, here's a quick introduction. F#%k you, I'm Sleeping is a real-time turn-based third-person shooter Japanese-first-person role playing game where you play, Dana, a sleepy princess who just wants to get sleep. Sleep is your only objective and you get points based on how long you can keep your head on the pillow. However, evildoers such as sunlight, your cell phone and nightmares, try to prevent you from keeping your head on the pillow. The boss battles are absolutely brutal, including your roommate who keeps trying to wake you up to play Geometry Wars, the cat who wants to sit on your face, and Tejano music from your next door neighbor. There are only three weapons available in the game: pounding your fist against the wall, putting your pillow over your head, or yelling “F%#K YOU! I AM SLEEPING!” so it makes the game pretty challenging. It’s super interactive and I was lucky enough to score the highly sought after "Arcade Pillow" which I will gladly be testing out this weekend, while I play F#%k you, I'm Sleeping.

Eugene Morton: I was one of the dissenters who disagreed with X-Play's choice for Game of the Year ‘08, which was Fable II. Fallout 3 is clearly much, much better. As such, I'll be doing nothing this weekend but playing the game and doing laundry. Just the thought of playing for two solid days gets me more excited than when I first discovered Playboy.

Patrick Roche-Sowa: Mad World -- beyond amazing glorification of violence, this game is hilarious. The two running commentators (one being the fantastic Greg Proops) will keep you laughing no matter what’s happening, and the Wii-mote controls for ripping people in half and repeatedly smashing their spines against a spiked wall are awesome. What they did with the black-and-white-and-red color-scheme really is a stroke of genius, and the slightly surreal presentation is reminiscent of Killer 7 or No More Heroes, even though Suda 51 didn’t work on it.

Pokemon Swampert

Raymond Padilla: Wow, I'm not really sure what I want to play this weekend. My head has been taken over by Electronic Arts. I saw two games that I can't tell you about yet and a ton of cool stuff from EA Sports, including the super-fun Grand Slam Tennis. I see on my calendar that I'm meeting with Junichi Masuda, game director and music composer for the Pokemon games. I think I'll hop on some of the competitive boards and sharpen up my battling skills in Pokemon Pearl. Then I'll challenge Masuda-san for the rights to be a character in the next generation of Pokemon games. I'd kick Ash's @ss.

Cup and Ball

Stephen Johnson: I’m playing Cup and Ball this weekend. I’ve really been enjoying this game lately. The physics are very realistic, and so are the controls. Although the difficulty needs some work: This game is just way too hard! I (just barely) beat level one (“Catching the Ball in the Cup”), but I haven’t cleared the second level (“Catching the Ball in the Cup Again”) yet. So hopefully this weekend I’ll unlock an achievement or three. I’m psyched for the sequel too. I can’t wait to play Cup and Ball II: Smaller Cup. I hear it’s awesome.

No, seriously, I’m going to 100% Fallout 3.

'The Feed's' Weekend Playlist: 'Madworld', 'Resident Evil 5', 'Pokemon Pearl', And More!


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