'Iron Man 2': Mickey Rourke And Scarlett Johansson Officially On Board


Posted March 12, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

'Iron Man 2': Rourke And Johansson OFFICIALLY On Board

It seems that two things have officially been confirmed:

First, actors are big, fat LIARS. It seems that Mickey Rourke, despite confirming his non-involvement with the film, will indeed be part of Iron Man 2 as the whip-wielding villain, Whiplash. You fooled us, Mick, what can we say?

Secondly, casting must be an extremely arduous process. I mean, how else could they have combed through countless candidates to find the PERFECT Black Widow, only to come up with Scarlett Johansson? Well, apparently, that's what they did according to E! Online. It is now officially confirmed that "ScarJo" will play the sexy Russian spy, Black Widow in the film.

I think I've made my thoughts on Scarlett's casting pretty clear, so I will not go down that path any further. I've had my say -- it's out there. As for Rourke, while I admire his comeback story, and I absolutely loved him in The Wrestler, I can't help thinking that his presence in the film, is also a bit of "flavor of the month" casting. While I don't think fans will object to the obvious difference Rourke's version of Whiplash will have in contrast to the comic version (a younger man, who looks more like the love child of Liberace and a Mexican Luchador), it just seems like the role was essentially "given" to him, at the expense of a more comic-accurate, or compelling candidate. I'm not sure why they (the producers...whoever) think that it is necessary to cast "celebrities" in these key roles. The film certainly had no shortage of star power as it already stood. This may be overkill in the casting of tabloid-fodder.

What do you think? Was the casting of these two the right move?


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'Iron Man 2': Mickey Rourke And Scarlett Johansson Officially On Board


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