'Lord of the Rings' License Going From EA To Warner Bros.


Posted March 12, 2009 - By r_pad

'Lord of the Rings' License Going From EA To Warner Bros.

"I'm going to kick your @ss back to the shire." I love that line from Clerks 2.... In related news, it looks like Frodo -- and The Lord of the Rings movie license -- is getting his @ss kicked back to the shire, going from Electronic Arts to Warner Bros. Variety's Ben Fritz explained:

"Since EA first got its hands on the 'Lord of the Rings' license back in 2001, New Line has transitioned from an independent studio under the Time Warner corporate umbrella to a label for Warner Bros., which now handles most of its business operations. Warner, of course, has its own videogame unit, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, that has grown from a licensing unit to a full-fledged publisher with its own slate of AAA titles. So, you own a major publisher... you just got back the interactive rights to one of the top entertainment properties in the world... Can you guess where I'm going? It's a safe bet that Warner Bros. won't be licensing out 'Lord of the Rings' again."

For the most part, Electronic Arts has done a serviceable job with The Lord of the Rings license. Warner Bros. is still establishing its gaming branch, so gamers that love "whipping out their preciouses" might have cause for concern.

What do you think? Will Frodo and friends be fine under Warner Bros.? Or are you worried about the company releasing games that are worse than Theoden's soliloquies in The Two Towers?


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'Lord of the Rings' License Going From EA To Warner Bros.


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