'MadWorld' Review


Posted March 10, 2009 - By Dana Leahy

'MadWorld' Review

MadWorld, the new black and white Wii exclusive you've been hearing a lot about, hits shelves today.

We all know it's very violent, but is there any substance to back it up? To find out, click here and check out our full review of the game.

Here's an excerpt: 

"Only fifty thousand more points to go till the Blood Bath Challenge, but this guy just won’t stand still. A candle stand through the neck, a gear around the waist, and repeated applications of the wall spikes through the sternum can only take you so far in this game.  There’s an elephant in a gimp mask wielding a large drill that just laughing at me somewhere in this “gothic gone wrong” arena. I wasn’t even thinking about the score after throwing a pair of zombies into the electric chair. All I knew was that somewhere out there underneath a pair of tusks and a leather facemask was a pulsating neck just waiting for the signpost in my right hand.

MadWorld is a mix of excessive violence, sophomoric humor, and a list of ESRB content descriptors that sounds like the best college experience that you never had.  Yeah, it’s that good."

Click here for the score and full review!

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'MadWorld' Review


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