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Posted March 10, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

New Found Glory

As a weekly public service, TheFeed is gonna school you on the most interesting, notable and cool music and DVD releases available that week. Aren't you lucky?

In the music world, here's my top ten picks of notable music, in no particular order. Keep in mind, this isn't the week's best music, just the most interesting... to me:

  • Chris Cornell --Scream:  Cornell is the lead singer of AudioSlave and Soundgarden, but this album was made with R&B super-producer Timbaland. You might think the combination of the two and Cornell going in an R&B direction would produce interesting music. Yet, judging by what I've heard, it does not.

  • Kelly Clarkson -- All I Ever Wanted and Taylor Hicks -- The Distance: This week, two different American Idol stars are putting out new "music." If you enjoy "music" created by people who won contests, this might be the "music" for you. Keep in mind: A lot of people voting for you on Idol means the most middle part of the population enjoys your "music," and that means you're the most mediocre singer in the country.
  • Anni Rossi -- Rockwell: Okay, you probably won't be into this quirky, violin playing enigma who sounds a little like Regina Spector. Not many people are. But keep in mind the American Idol rule: If a lot of people like it, it probably sucks. Anni Rossi, on the other hand, does not suck.
  • Roxy Epoxy And The Rebound -- Band-Aids For Bullet Holes: If you're feeling a little Gothy, check out Roxy Epoxy. Not only is the name of the band a throwback to the glory days of Goth in the 80s, the music, as well... which is a good thing. Of course, you might prefer the real deal. If so, check out the entry below...
  • 45 Grave -- A Devil's Possessions - Demos & Live 1980-1983: There's nothing new under the sun. Check out this collection of rarities from under-appreciated goth-horror-punk pioneers 45 Grave. They're kind of like Roxy Epoxy, but they did it better, 30 years ago! (There's a video at the end of this post so you can see for yourself!)

As far as DVDs go: This is not a banner week for film releases, but here's my list of notable new movie discs for you to enjoy:

  • Role Models: Friend of TheFeed Sean William Scott stars in this enjoyable comedy about the wild things that happen when a couple of goofballs are forced to mentor some at-risk kids. It's not gonna change your life, but it's really, really funny. Seriously, don't pass this movie up.
  • Transporter 3: This Jason Stratham action flick is mildly okay. It made a marginal amount of money at the box office.
  • Stash: Straight to DVD sleaze-movie about the dangers of ripping off your neighbor's weed stash. I don't know if this flick is any good, but the box is shocking! I'd post the pic, but it might get me canned!
  • The Girls Next Door: Season 4: Our sister station E's hit show Girl's Next Door is strangely appealing to many women I know. And yet, it's about a geriatric sexhound living with a trio of siliconed hotties... women are strange creatures.

But enough of my opinions. Lemme ask you: What entertainment products are you looking forward to this week? Leave word in our comment section!

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The Week In CDs and DVDs!


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