The Webmaster Hates Liars


Posted March 10, 2009 - By Webmaster

Webmaster Hates You

Hello, gentle readers, welcome to another edition of The Webmaster Hates You, in which G4's Webmaster answers your questions... with a vengeance!

Today's entry comes via TheFeed's tip line, an easy-to-use avenue to provide us with exciting news tips. The thing is, we'd like your tips to be true, and if your tip isn't true, at least make it plausible.

Check out this email exchange between yours truly and "greg" a Feed reader: (we retained all grammatical errors and misspellings to retain the authenticiy of our valued readers)

Greg: ok, my name is greg and i have an uncle who works at sony. so a couple days ago was my birthday. imagine my surpise when he said "be careful with this, this is the new psp." the new psp has a sliding touchscreen, 4 shoulder buttons and 2 analog sticks. now this makes for grreat gaming.

Webmaster: Okay.  I’ll bite. Send me a photo of this new PSP and I’ll post it.

Greg: i cnt take a pic because my camera isbroken

Webmaster: Haven't you been on the Web long enough to have heard the phrase "Pics or it didn't happen?"  Besides, it says "Sent from gReG's  iPod touch" right at the bottom of your email. So, you do have a camera. (UPDATE: According to our comment section, the iPod Touch doesn't have a camera. Number one: Wow, you guys are nerds. And two: Why the hell doesn't the iPod Touch have a camera?? I want answers, Steve Jobs. Call me immediately!)

Greg:  would u pay to see a video/ pic of the new psp? i can use my friends camera. its realllly kool.

Webmaster: Sure! I'll totally pay. How much would you like me to send you?

...And I haven't heard back from him in days... So, readers, do you think Greg really has a new PSP? Or is he trying to trick me on the Internet??

The Webmaster Hates Liars


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