'Pokemon' PSA: Regigigas Toys 'R Us Giveaway Runs March 8 To March 21


Posted March 7, 2009 - By r_pad

'Pokemon' Public Service Announcement: Regigigas Giveaway Runs March 8 To March 21

Attention, Pokemon trainers! Here's a reminder that participating Toys 'R Us stores are giving away a special Regigigas from March 8 to March 21. A recently issued press release -- clearly written by someone with only a cursory knowledge of Pokemon -- described the giveaway Pokemon:

"This unique Level 100 Regigigas is extraordinarily powerful and comes equipped with dominating attacks such as Crush Grip, as well as special moves Icy Wind, Iron Head, and Rock Slide. Of special note to game players is that this Colossal Regigigas comes with the Held Item Custap Berry and is in a Poké Ball known as the Cherish Ball -- a special Poké Ball exclusive to Pokémon distributed at events."

As a discerning Pokemon trainer, I'm kind of annoyed that this Regigigas comes at level 100. This makes it impossible to manipulate its effort values. However, this Pokemon is being given away so that gamers that buy Pokemon Platinum can unlock a secret area in the game. Plus, it comes with acustap berry, which is only available at Pokemon events. Unfortunately, it's useless in a competitive setting.

Anyone going to Toys 'R Us to pick up this Regigigas?

'Pokemon' PSA: Regigigas Toys 'R Us Giveaway Runs March 8 To March 21


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