GDC's Unique and Sexy Game Design Challenge


Posted March 5, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

GDCThis year's GDC is presenting a unique and sexy Game Design Challenge: Entitled "My First Time," the exercise in creativity and gaming asks three game design greats to come up with a game around the theme of "My First Time." These games are to explore two areas game designers generally avoid: Sex and Autobiography. So no mutant aliens. No shotguns. No exploding barrels...unless the creators have some really weird sex lives!

At the session, each panelist presents a unique solution to this game design enigma, and the GDC audience determines their favorite concept. Given the "My First Time," theme, virginal developers are at a distinct disadvantage, and I've heard there are some out there! Although, presumably, not on this panel... Here's who is participating:

  • Eric Zimmerman (Chief Design Officer, Gamelab)
  • Steve Meretzky (VP of Game Design, YouPlus)
  • Kim Swift (Level Designer, Valve)
  • Sulka Haro (Lead Designer, Sulake)

Date/Time: Wednesday (March 25, 2009)   2:30pm — 3:30pm

Do you agree with the panel's assessment that "It's time for games to tackle heavier subject matter that artists in other media have been wrestling with for centuries," or are you content with post-Apocalypse stories, alien invasions and spell-casting elves? How would you tackle an autobiographical game called "My First Time?"


Tags: Style, Videogames
GDC's Unique and Sexy Game Design Challenge


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