Weekend Box-Office "Head-Stomps" Chun-Li


Posted March 2, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

Weekend Box-Office It seems that box office numbers have hit Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li with a "super combo finish" of their own. (Lulz! Like in the game, get it?!) The apparent "reboot" of the Street Fighter film franchise bowed at the number eight spot for the weekend, taking in $4,650,000. Shown on 1,136 screens, it yielded a $4,093 per screen average.

Is it the worst opening of all time? Hardly...Nor will it be the worst take for a video game adaptation (that title belongs D.O.A.'s paltry $480,813 domestic gross.)  However, the film, for now, holds the ignominious distinction of being the meat in an Uwe Boll bread sandwich. According to Box-Office Mojo, it currently rests on a list of video game adaptations beneath Boll's In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale and above BloodRayne. Ouch.

Let's look at it from this perspective: We've arrived at a point where we are inundated with a barrage of horrible, pointless remakes and reboots. Hollywood producers are undoubtedly thinking with their wallets when they resurrect (and rape) these franchises. When we see them bomb like this, it must make them think twice before going back to the well. As I have said before, if they are done right, I am NOT against remakes and reboots (with imagination and originality.) So we can take some positive news from the fact that U.S. audiences essentially said "umm, NO" to generic action flicks with a name brand slapped on its poster.

However, with that in mind, we must also realize that Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li may stand to make significantly more, when all is said and done. As Variety points out, when you consider that the film had a budget of about $30 million, then the $4.6 million made this weekend has already payed for nearly 1/6 of the cost. (I wish my student loan worked that way.) With a more optimistic appraisal for the European and Asian markets, as well as a DVD/Blu Ray release in both domestic and foreign markets, this film will ultimately make money in spite of itself.

Am I calling for some kind of boycot? No. If it's your thing, then see the film. However, at this point, if you are tired of this stuff, then you should not let the Street Fighter label persuade you to see it. Send a message to producers that you are not going to take the shallow, formulaic, and mediocre any longer.

And on a final note: Kristin Kreuk, on behalf of G4, thanks for stopping by AOTS...no offense......(I've already named our children.)


Weekend Box-Office "Head-Stomps" Chun-Li


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