'Superman Unleashed' Will Be Sequel's Title?


Posted February 23, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

It is being reported that not only will there be a new Superman film, but it will be titled Superman Unleashed. A source for Slashfilm has apparently provided the site's staff with a password to a secret site containing critical insider info on the (as far as we know) upcoming Superman Returns sequel. (Uh, isn't that illegal or something?)

Anyway, the site, while not revealing anything specific about the film, contained the title and this abstract mission statement:

“Ramping up the action of its esteemed predecessor, the sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ promises to raise the stakes and take the audience to heights of action that no other superhero movie can achieve.”

"Ramping up that action!" Ya-yess! They just may have the right idea this time around. While it is billed as a "sequel" to Superman Returns, it is obviously still unclear who, if anyone, will remain from the 2006 film. Would an all-around reboot of the franchise be the next step as things progress? Personally, after such a short period of time since the last film, I would only be in favor of a reboot if there was absolutely nothing salvageable from the previous effort. (Ex: Ang Lee's Hulk.)

In the case of Superman Returns, I would have to say that the film was "okay." It didn't blow me away, but I do believe that there was something that could be salvaged. I don't blame Brandon Routh (his performance was adequate), nor do I blame Bryan Singer (he did what he could and the film looked good.) It was just a screenplay that tried too hard to reinvent the Superman story for today's sensibilities, that it got too caught up in the drama of "single mom Lois" and Cyclops...err...James Marsden as "the other guy." They forgot that it wasn't some Hugh Grant romcom and was actually supposed to be a frigging Superman movie.

By the time we got to the conflict, the "kryptonite island" or whatever it was, did not pay off at all. (And that is not to say that all the classic Christopher Reeve outings from the 80's were winners, either. I mean, in Superman III, Richard Pryor literally gets turned into a robot! Then there was "Nuclear Man" from Superman IV, who looked like the illegitimate child of Ivan Drago and Anni-Frid from ABBA. Really?)

My suggestion: Keep the same team. Singer in the director's chair and Routh in the blue tights. Stick to your guns with that promise of action. Cut back on the lovesick puppy angle that Clark Kent has become. Most of all -- Give us a signature villain other than Lex Luthor! I think that Brainiac is long due for a big screen debut. It would give the film a nice atmosphere of action mixed with technology. They could even tie him into Supes' origin story (where Brainiac was the super-computer responsible for the demise of his home planet of Krypton), thus making the conflict a highly personal one for the Man of Steel. Great action and great drama = WIN.


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'Superman Unleashed' Will Be Sequel's Title?


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