Bethesda Drops Details On "The Pitt"


Posted February 20, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

As you probably know, the release of the second DLC expansion to Fallout 3 is coming in March. "The Pitt" takes place in ruined Pittsburgh and will run you $10.

MTV's Multiplayer blog put some questions to Bethesda’s Pete Hines and got the inside scoop on the new chapter in the Fallout 3 story. Below are just some of the details Hines dropped...all in handy, bullet-pointed form:

  • Whereas the first Fallout DLC "Operation Anchorage" was heavy on gunplay and light on plot, The Pitt will not be. It's more plot-oriented with a return to the post Apocalypse setting we all know and love.
  • It will be about as long as "Operation Anchorage."
  • It's not a "simulation," so weapons and items will be taken from The Pitt's Pittsburgh to Fallout 3's Washington DC.
  • Once you enter The Pitt, you won't be able to return to D.C. until you're finished.
  • It's even more bleak than Fallout 3. (Hard to believe, I know!)
  • The "auto-axe" weapon you see in the screenshot above is sweeeeet.

We talked to G4's Dana Vinson, who actually chose to live in Pittsburgh once. She expects to see the following things in the post-Apocalypse version of the steel town.

  • The zombie head of Steelers' coach Bill Cowher.
  • Petrified french fries.
  • A ransacked Giant Eagle store.
  • A river of Heinz ketchup
  • Irradiated mutant Andy Warhol
  • Pittsburgh residents would be the only fat ghouls in post-Apocalypsia



Bethesda Drops Details On "The Pitt"