"The Comedian" Of 'Watchmen' Looking To Become A "Loser?"

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Posted February 20, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

Jeffrey Dean Morgan may be set to emerge from the upcoming release of Watchmen as a star in his prospectively scene-stealing role as the sadistic anti-hero, The Comedian. He is, therefore, wasting little time growing his Watchmen capital as he is in negotiations to be part of another comic-film adaptation, The Losers.

The film will be based on a DC-Vertigo title that depicts a group of ex-Special Forces who were betrayed by their CIA handlers and left for dead. Surviving their ordeal, they have regrouped to utilize all the skills they have acquired to take revenge against those who betrayed them. Morgan would be set to play Clay, the group's black-suit-wearing leader. He is smart, enigmatic, and meticulous, yet at the same time, harbors the most bitter of grudges towards the character of Max, who is the main culprit and leader of the group's CIA betrayers. 

This should be an excellent role for Morgan. (Who, given his dead-ringer look, would probably be handed the role of Tony Stark in the Iron Man sequels if Robert Downey Jr. somehow dies in a freak accident or just goes all-diva on the franchise.) In Watchmen, his character of The Comedian is a pure paradox -- in that he is crass, sadistic, and even homicidal -- but is ultimately, not evil. While I am not that familiar with the storyline of The Losers (I think I might have the first issue stashed away somewhere), I can see, based on the description of the Clay character, that Morgan is taking up a niche in the "charming, but tortured" department. There's certainly no crime against striking while the iron is hot.

To quote The Comedian: "Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense."


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"The Comedian" Of 'Watchmen' Looking To Become A "Loser?"


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