Tech Review: Headphone And Earbud Roundup


Posted February 17, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

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As we enhance today's headphone roundup with some very pretty earbuds, we take the Tech Review to the next level. We'll show you which gear to bang your head to.

Look below the cut for the written review from Attack of the Show.

V-Moda Earbuds: What You Need to Know

  • They're stylish and fit well in your ear, but sometimes if you bump the cord, it sounds like you're hitting a microphone
  • They also have call and music controls built-in
  • The audio sounds excellent. Lows, mids, and highs came through loud and clear


  • $95
  • They’re a definite buy

Beats by Dr. Dre Earbuds: What You Need to Know

  • The headphones themselves were not the most comfortable, since you constantly had to push them in your ear to get the best sound
  • The cord didn't tangle up very often, but it had a tendency to fall out of your ear
  • The sound did well with more bass-driven music, but anything with a lot of mids or highs just didn't sound that great


  • $150
  • The cost is too much

Audio-Technica Earbuds: What You Need to Know

  • They are probably the least stylish because of the giant white noise-cancelling box attached
  • The earbuds weren't uncomfortable, but might have trouble staying in your ears because of the weight of the control box
  • They did cancel background noise, but we didn't notice much difference whether we turned the box on or off
  • The sound was terrific. It wasn't overly loud and really gave a nice balance to what you were hearing


  • $75 bucks
  • They are totally worth the price tag

Radius Earbuds: What You Need to Know

  • Their design isn't that bad, since they fit well in your ears and look stylish
  • The sound has a problem -- way too much treble and practically no bass, and it's almost painful as the volume increases.


  • $60
  • The price is too much, so spend a few more dollars and get the Audio-Technica earbuds


Ultrasone Pro 900 Headphones: What You Need to Know

  • They are incredibly comfortable for over-the-ear headphones due to its padded ear-cups and bridge
  • They put you in a virtual studio with their S-Logic natural surround sound
  • The mids were a little quiet, but it's hard to complain about these


  • $550
  • If you have the money and want the best, these are the ones to get
Tech Review: Headphone And Earbud Roundup


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