'Variety' Compares 'Killzone 2' Fanboys to Rush Limbaugh


Posted February 11, 2009 - By bleahy

It seems that Ben Fritz at Variety has taken notice of the Internet's outrage over Killzone 2 reviews (X-Play Review: 5/5) -- even comparing some of the arguments posted by fans of the game to the spin tactics used by people like Rush Limbaugh in politics. Ouch?

Ben is referring to the practice of "[delegitimizing] your opponents' views not by engaging them on the issues." If you're not sure what this means, I invite you to (re-)watch last week's Sessler's Soapbox about this very subject.


Sessler's Soapbox: Killzone Mailbag »


In fact, comments posted to Ben's article follow the same baseless ranting. My favorite comments say that Microsoft owns Variety based on the following press release. Awesome! Considering that Sony also runs a movie studio and Variety's primary focus is on the entertainment industry, I fail to see how a deal with MSN to expose users to Variety's content means Microsoft is in a position to "plant" negative articles about Killzone 2.

I'll save you guys the trouble and just link you to the press release that states that Comcast (G4's parent company) and Microsoft are teaming up to bring communication services to small and medium sized businesses. Clearly, this all fits into an overarching, evil plot to destroy the Sony Corporation... it doesn't at all, by the way. Businesses do business with other businesses. That's why they call them business socks.

Furthermore, can we stop with that idea that Microsoft is "scared" of Killzone 2 and that its release will signal the end of the Xbox 360. It's a really good game, but it isn't going to single-handedly destroy Microsoft's console. This whole ordeal reminds me a lot of the pre-release hype for Haze... the difference is that Killzone 2 is actually a good game.

Personally, I've had several readers attack me on Killzone 2, refusing to believe that I had even played the game. It's this type of flat denial when faced with evidence against a fanboy's hopes and dreams that causes the discussion of games on the Web to devolve into name-calling and copy-pasting lists of games. Cut it out!

If you think shouting out the game's release date is a viable form of debate, it isn't. You simply have nothing else to say. You haven't played the game yet. If you were in the multiplayer beta, by all means, share your opinions of your experiences. Otherwise, constantly saying "FEBRUARY 27th!!!!" is a waste of everyone's time. We know when the game comes out.

Now go ahead and turn this into a flame war, anyway. It's all I expect of the fanboys at this point. If I had a microphone I would currently drop it and walk off stage.


'Variety' Compares 'Killzone 2' Fanboys to Rush Limbaugh


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