Jack Thompson Strikes Again! Hide Your M-Rated Games, Utah!


Posted February 11, 2009 - By bleahy

Jack Thompson is back to his old tricks. After being disbarred in Florida, Thompson has traveled west to Utah where Utah Representative Mike Morley has proposed a new bill amendment that was drafted by Thompson.

The amendment, which is now on the docket, would add the following language to Utah's existing "Truth in Advertising" law:

[Deceptive trade practices occur when, in the course of a person's business, vocation, or occupation that person:]

(u) (i) advertises that the person will not sell a good or service labeled with an age restriction or recommendation to a person under the age restriction or recommendation; and (ii) sells that good or service to a person under the age restriction or recommendation.

In a statement released by Thompson, he says the purpose of the amendment is to "punish major American retailers who falsely claim they do not sell Mature-rated video games and R-rated movies and movie tickets to kids under 17."

I support citizens getting involved in government, but should Jack Thompson really be writing pieces of legislation for Congress? Should congressmen really be proposing bills put forth by Jack? A previous attempt by the ex-lawyer in Louisiana was found unconstitutional.

At this point, I think its time for Jack to step down and let it go. He repeatedly claims that games destroy people's lives, but it might be time to take a look in the mirror and realize how much time he's spent attempting to bring forth legislation against the gaming industry.

I expect this amendment will quickly be shot down and we'll go back to playing our M-rated games without any problems. The language about punishing retailers based on an age "recommendation" is especially careless. The word "recommendation" itself is a non-binding suggestion that doesn't really fit with the language of laws. Jack is potentially trying to circumvent the fact that ESRB ratings ARE recommendations and not limits or restrictions. Taking this to a ridiculous level, this would be like making swimming immediately after eating illegal based on doctor's warnings and recommendations. Playing the fuzzy logic game is fun!

What do you think about this amendment and Jack's continued crusade against mature games?


Jack Thompson Strikes Again! Hide Your M-Rated Games, Utah!


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