Writer's Guild of America Awards 'Force Unleashed'


Posted February 9, 2009 - By bleahy

The Writer's Guild of America has released its list of winners for 2008. All of the awards were for exceptional writing... imagine that!

The winner of the video game writing award is none other than Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Before we proceed, keep in mind that only games written by writers that are WGA's Videogame Writer's Caucus members -- which costs $75 to join and obviously isn't very popular among game writers -- are eligible to win.

In addition, many of us at G4TV felt that Force Unleashed was a mediocre game (X-Play Review: 2/5) with a great story. In fact, some felt that the game's story should have been made into a feature film instead of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Force Unleashed edged out the following nominees:

  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3
  • Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! (An independent PC/Mac game)
  • Fallout 3
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld

What? It beat Fallout 3?!

At first I thought, "What? How could it beat Fallout 3?" Quickly, I realized that I loved Fallout 3 for the world that it created; not the story itself. The actual story was good, but not as focused as the one in Force Unleashed. If there were a guild for world creation, Fallout 3 would definitely win that award.

After Fallout 3, the list becomes obviously limited by the WGA's requirements for members of the Videogame Writer's Caucus. Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!? Where's Grand Theft Auto IV or Metal Gear Solid 4? What's that? Hideo Kojima didn't pay $75 to get nominated.

I'm going to make up my own awards and only nominate people that pay me money. It'll be the "Buy Brian a New Car Awards" and you can win one for the low, one-time cost of $15. Please send money to... hey! Take your hands off me! I'm trying to tell the readers about my scam award!


Writer's Guild of America Awards 'Force Unleashed'


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