'EVE Online' Betrayal Costs Trillions In Fake Money


Posted February 5, 2009 - By r_pad

EVE Online had its biggest mutiny in history. ShackNews has reported:

"In what may be the most significant case of in-game espionage in history, one of the largest guild of players in CCP's spaceship MMO EVE Online, Band of Brothers (BoB), was entirely disbanded today when a BoB director defected to the SomethingAwful-derived Goonfleet. In a story that only EVE Online could spawn, Goonfleet Intelligence Agency (GSA) leader The Mittani and his league of spies managed to 'encourage' a Band of Brothers director to turn coat, transferring trillions of BoB's in-game ISK currency to the Goons before nullifying BoB's control over all of its territory."

This all sounds really impressive and I understand that it's a huge deal for the EVE Online community. Admittedly, my feelings on the matter are of the "so?" variety. To me, it seems like a guy was being a jerk, ditched his friends, and ruined the game for his "pals".

What do you guys think of the incident? Is it the major gaming catastrophe that some are making it out to be? Or was the BoB traitor just a tool that screwed over his friends?

'EVE Online' Betrayal Costs Trillions In Fake Money