Capcom Announces Downloadable Content For 'Street Fighter IV'


Posted February 5, 2009 - By r_pad

Capcom has announced some downloadable content for the highly anticipated Street Fighter IV. First up is the Championship Mode Expansion Pack. This baby adds the ability to record, upload, and download matches, as well as a new points system and an enhanced tournament-matching system. This expansion will be availble to you free of charge.

Capcom's Seth Killian has also announced a slew of downloadable costumes for Street Fighter IV. He noted on his blog that "the packs are grouped by themes and will be available for 320 MS points for Xbox 360 or $3.99 on PlayStation 3 post launch." There are currently five costume packs that will be released on a rolling basis. They are:

2/17 – Brawler Pack DLC Pack will include alternate costumes for: Zangeif, E.Honda, Rufus, El Furete, and Abel.

2/24 – Femme Fatale Pack will include alternate costumes for: Chun-Li, Cammy, Sakura, Rose, and C.Viper.

3/3 – Shoryuken Pack will include alternate costumes for: Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, and Dan.

3/10 – Shadowloo Pack will include alternate costumes for: Seth, M.Bison, Sagat, Balrog, and Vega.

3/17 – Classic Pack will include alternate costumes for: Guile, Dhalsim, Fei-Long, Blanka, and Gen.

I'm psyched for all this DLC! The expansion pack will allow me to record TheFeed's Brian Leahy's pitiful attempts at beating me, while the costumes allow me to vanquish him in a variety of outfits.

Are you guys interested in the DLC? Let me know what you think of all the Street Fighter IV goodies.

Capcom Announces Downloadable Content For 'Street Fighter IV'


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