The End of $60 Games?


Posted February 4, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Is $60 too much to pay for a video game? Some industry experts think so. Signal Hill analyst Todd Greenwald says the $60 price point might be lowered as video game publishers try to keep sales up in an increasingly bleak economic climate. Greenwald notes that over the holiday season, AAA titles like Madden 09 and Mirror's Edge had its prices cut to spark sales, and these lower ticket prices might become industry standard before too long.

Wide-scale price slashings might seem like a good thing for consumers, but in the long run, decreased revenues from cheaper games could be "devastating for margins." That could hurt the game industry seriously. Lower profits could mean that the huge budgets for "epic" games would become a thing of the past. That means, see ya, Fallout 5. It's all part of our exciting new economic reality!

Personally, I think $60 bucks isn't too much to pay for a video game. Games are a fantastic entertainment value that provide hours of distraction for relatively little money. After all, what else can you get for $60? Dinner and a movie? But games are only worthwhile for po' folks if the games are good. I'd rather pay $60 for Fable 2 than pay $50 for three mini-game shovelware collections. Perhaps if the game-buying public was a little more discerning, crappy games wouldn't sell as well as good ones, and game publishers would focus more on crafting truly great titles. Heck, I'd pay $70 for a great game.

How about you: What's your personal gaming price-point?



The End of $60 Games?


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