Jack Thompson's Idiocy Goes To Utah


Posted February 3, 2009 - By r_pad


Apparently, disbarred doesn't mean defanged, because Jack Thompson won't shut up. Gaming's favorite ex-lawyer has taken his show to Utah where the Deseret News has given him editorial space. Playing the fear card, Thompson blames violent games for all sorts of evil and paints the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) as a fiendish organization that aims to put M-rated games in the hands of minors. Thompson writes:

"The Entertainment Software Association bragged this week that it spread $4.2 million around to 'lobby' politicians at the federal level, with more spread around to state politicians.ESA wants to make sure entertainment retailers can continue to go behind parents' backs and get at kids."

It's unfortunate that people are still giving Thompson an outlet. He's quite skilled at playing on parents' fear and twisting perspective so that groups like the ESA are painted as evildoers. I hate wasting web space on this idiot and I wish he'd just go away, but that's just wishful thinking.

Despite being disbarred and claiming that God is punishing video-game companies through the stock market, people are still listening to this fool. His latest editorial is (disappointingly) effective at spreading his warped message. Instead of blaming poor parenting, Thompson targets the ESA; his message gives people a target and allows them to be absolved of responsibility.

I can't wait to live in a world where my beloved gaming business is safe from Jack Thompson. Any thoughts on when that might be? Anyone willing to cancel their subscription to Utah's oldest newspaper?

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Jack Thompson's Idiocy Goes To Utah


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