The 'G.I. Joe' Superbowl Trailer: Some Thoughts


Posted February 2, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

"When I'm finished, the world will never forget."

Let's hope for the right reason, Doctor Wh...I mean, Destro. The long-awaited debut trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has finally revealed itself at last night's big game. (It did leak earlier in the weekend, though.)

Based on what we see, it is a different film from the casting, as well as various pictures and rumors suggested. The Bond influence that director Stephen Sommers suggested definitely shows in the various over-the-top plots that we see. Cobra has been known to attempt such things like dominate the weather, teleport matter, clone hybrid dictators, and in this case, topple the Eiffel Tower with "killer moss." It  is true to the spirit of the G.I. Joe lore. That is definitely a good thing.

In the comics/cartoon, Destro was supposed to be an arms dealer who works hidden in the world and exclusively with Cobra. However, the trailer suggests a bit of a different role for him which I actually like. Destro has a public identity which allows him to interact in the world without his trademark iron mask. (However, he WILL don it at some point in the film.) He seems to walk around with impunity, possibly as some kind of lobbyist who makes deals that ultimately benefit the cause of Cobra. His affiliation with Cobra is obviously not known to anyone. Otherwise, he would be arrested on the spot. Meanwhile, (the still unseen) Cobra Commander seems to be the puppet-master who oversees all the various machinations while hidden from the world. That is also kind of cool.

However, let's not scream and do cartwheels over this yet. Fact remains, the trailer was extremely short and cannot accurately convey the flow of a film and its character dynamics. There are ALOT of characters jammed into this film and that usually is not a good thing. How those characters will be used is extremely critical towards determining how much the big, in-your-face CGI effects and action that we just saw in the trailer will matter.

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The 'G.I. Joe' Superbowl Trailer: Some Thoughts


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