Can You Game on a Palm Pre?


Posted January 29, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

The official Palm blog proudly listed a batch of hit games for its numerous Palm OS mobile phones. The announcement is mildly amusing considering that nobody cares about Palm OS and anyone interested in the company is hot for the Palm Pre.

As many of you know, Brian and Raymond were pretty impressed with the Pre after its unveiling at CES 2009. It might even be as rad as an iPhone, without the annoying "Lookit me! I'm cool because I'm an Apple person!" vibe. The Pre has a touch screen, a slideout keyboard, and WiFi support, as well as running WebOS and making phone calls... which is all well and good, but can it play games?

The answer to that would be "not very well". Despite the Pre's impressive innards, applications for the device are made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll be able to experience web-quality games, but not the 3D titles you'll see on the Apple iPhone or T-Mobile G1.

It's just funny that Palm is tooting its own horn for yesterday's games as it prepares for a dull future in gaming with the Pre.


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Can You Game on a Palm Pre?