Off-Broadway Play Tells The Story Of Two Guys, A Girl, And An Xbox 360


Posted January 29, 2009 - By r_pad

Friendship. Gaming. Drama. Gaming. Love. Gaming. Betrayal. That's the low down on When in Disgrace (Haply I Think on Thee). The NY Times has reviewed this off-Broadway play that tells the story of two gamers and the girl that got between them. Here's the review's synopsis of the show:

"The story involves a triangle among the troubled, virginal Ryan (portrayed by Patrick Vaill); his best bud, Ben (Alex Brown), a gifted golden boy and favorite video-game opponent; and Ryan’s old friend Caroline (Lauryn Fay Sullivan), who, as Ben’s love interest, steps between them. The play traces Ryan’s spiral into homicidal dementia over Ben’s 'betrayal.'"

The NY Times says the play "may falter in its grand designs, but there is something vital in its exploration of generational identity. It aims high, without fear." I'm not so sure. I love games and I love theater...but I just can't get into the story -- especially in iambic verse. Plus, I would never create drama with my Pokemon best friend over a woman -- I'd just erase him from my life entirely (just kidding, Peter). That said, I have to admit that I'd totally see the show if I were still living in New York.

What do you ladies and gents think of the play? Does it interest you? Any New Yorkers (Rego Park 4 life!!!) tempted to see it?

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Off-Broadway Play Tells The Story Of Two Guys, A Girl, And An Xbox 360


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