X-Play Review: 'Moon'


Posted January 28, 2009 - By Dana Leahy

The Moon is a shiny, magical orb that appears in the sky at night. See, scientists think the Moon used to be part of the Earth, but a big, nasty meteor crashed, knocking a big chunk off the Earth to create the orbiting splender now known as the Moon.

We've been to the Moon a few times and much like Tampa, Florida, there's not much to do there except play golf and chase alligators; however, our review of the Moon is a favorable one, because it is simply awesome...

Wait, what? I'm not reviewing the actual Moon? There's a new FPS for the Nintendo DS called Moon

Oh, my bad.

Good thing X-Play's here to bring us the review of the game!


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X-Play Review: 'Moon'


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