Sony Unveils Tons Of Details On 'LocoRoco 2' For PlayStation Portable


Posted January 26, 2009 - By r_pad

Sony's PlayStation Blog has a meaty post listing several details on LocoRoco 2 for PlayStation Portable. Producer Tsubasa Inaba talks about the new music, obstacles, puzzle elements, and features, including brand new shooting and racing mini-games. The orignal LocoRoco was an inventive platformer with a fantastic look, but most critics felt that it was limited. The sequel appears to offer everything that was enjoyable about its predecessor, but with several new twists that should add more depth to the fun. Here are some tidbits from the story.

On the new gameplay mechanics:

"Even though new obstacles are in place such as water, huge gaps or boulders to block their way, don’t you worry! The LocoRoco have taken swimming lessons from Michael Phelps, and survival swinging lessons from Indiana Jones. They can also hop into objects such as shells, and plow through enemies or obstacles to proceed. Later on you learn the super jump too, which is really cool (It just might take you to places you couldn’t explore previously)."

On the new music:

"Not only does it stick in your minds for the whole day, but once you start playing, you will immediately notice the music building up (more instruments, more liveliness) as you make progress through the stages. The Moja appear and even their gloomy voices create great fusion with their themed music. You are even challenged to play a musical mini-game during the adventure to earn notes (See above screen)! It’s like being in an interactive musical."
And really, who wouldn't want to be in an "interactive musical"? What did you ladies and gents think of the original LocoRoco? Are you excited for LocoRoco 2? Or did you think it's just another wacky game from Japan with trippy graphics?

Sony Unveils Tons Of Details On 'LocoRoco 2' For PlayStation Portable