'Mad Magazine' Goes Quarterly


Posted January 26, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Of all the depressing, fershlugginer news I've been forced to report over the last few months, this has to be the saddest: The economy is so terrible that Mad Magazine has been forced to cut back production and only put out their rag quarterly. The humor magazine has been around since 1952, and is generally regarded as funnier than imitators like Cracked or Crazy.

Starting with the April issue, you'll only be able to get Mad four times a year. Mad Kids and Mad Classics, two spin-off mags, have been canceled altogether.

Mad editor John Ficarra said, in typical Mad-style self-deprecating fashion, “The feedback we've gotten from readers is that only every third issue of MAD is funny, so we've decided to just publish those."

I blame you, the reader, for not buying Mad Magazine enough. I also blame myself for the same reason. I loved Mad as a kid, poring over my older brother's back issues, buying paperback collections, loving Spy Vs. Spy,  and only half-understanding a lot of the more "adult" humor, but as I got older, I just kind of stopped reading it... But I'm going to change. I'm going to start buying every issue of Mad that comes out. Hopefully you'll join me, and the uptick in sales will mean a return to monthly publication for the magazine. After all, I have to line my birdcage with something!

Are you a Mad fan?


'Mad Magazine' Goes Quarterly