What Will Hollywood Do With 'Gears of War?'


Posted January 26, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

In a recent red carpet interview with Bloody-Disgusting, Director Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard, Underworld) has finally broken silence on his plans for adapting Gears of War for the big screen. First, Wiseman is currently writing the script with Wanted writer Chris Morgan. Secondly, Wiseman is playing with the idea of a 3-D release. Lastly, Wiseman has said that he envisions the film as first of a trilogy.

“It’s going to be much more [on the] science fiction side of it than the creature side of it. I’ve always been much more of a sci-fi action fan than a horror fan,” says Wiseman. His plans to adopt the trilogy has put him in a direction of the films taking the form of a "harder edged Lord of the Rings."

Besides those tidbits of news, Wiseman also shared some of the reasons that drew him towards the project.

“I suck at video games, it just takes me too long and I can’t get the coordination of ‘em. When I was on [Live Free Or] Die Hard, I had to choose some video game for the background in a scene with Kevin Smith. I was shown about a dozen games and told to ‘Choose one to be in the background’ and I said ‘this one looks really, really cool whatever it is,’ and it was Gears Of War. I just really connected with it; the design of it the world, the whole thing. So I actually brought an Xbox 360 to start researching what it was.”

Well, I don't think you need me or anyone to tell you that film adaptations of video games populate a group among the worst films ever made. At least Wiseman seems to be approaching the source material with the attitude of one who knows what he does not know. That is always a sign of someone who is open to suggestions and takes the challenge seriously. In contrast,  "he who shall not be named" would likely have had Marcus and Dom in black leather jumpsuits, doing twirls in the air, firing their lancers in bullet-time, as bad techno music plays.

Gears of War actually has a chance. Why? All you have to do is play through the campaign and everything one needs for the story is right there! Unlike other video game films, there is little need for creative license. If the source material is truly utilized, then this adaptation is idiot-proof. If the creative team aren't much for gaming, then go to YouTube and watch a complete campaign from start to finish. It is all there. All they have to do is use it.

I want to see subtle nuances that not only will gamers get, but will make great drama. (The ill-fated Carmine family, Adam Fenix flashbacks, Cole's ball-playing days, Dom and Maria, etc.) Put us right in the Gears of War universe, and then your trilogy will work!


What Will Hollywood Do With 'Gears of War?'


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