Unboxing And First Impressions: Gunnar Optiks Shredder


Posted January 22, 2009 - By r_pad

Staring at a computer monitor all day is tough on your eyes. If you're a heavy gamer or iPhone addict, that's even more strain on your ocular instruments. Since none of us are about to give up our eye-frying jobs, gaming systems, or BlackBerries, what do you do? Gunnar Optiks offers a solution with its line of eyeglasses and lenses designed to relieve eyestrain due to heavy computer use, gaming, and PDA use. The company claims that its goods help prevent digital eye fatigue (DEF) and computer vision syndrome (CVS). I haven't heard of either of those, but I know my eyes get tired after a long day of work coupled with a multi-hour gaming session.

I've picked up a pair of Gunnars and will be using them for the next month. Today I'll have some unboxing fun with you and give you my initial impressions. I'll hit you with an update in two weeks to see if Gunnar Optiks have mad a big difference (or not). In a month, I'll give you my conclusion and closing thoughts on the company's curious eye wear. On a side note, I think it's cool that the company is (obviously) named after the more talented Nelson brother.

Hit the jump for some unboxing love and first impressions!

The leaflet included with my Gunnar Optiks Shredders lists four claims:
  • i-AMP optical technology eases unwanted, distractive, external light, but retains screen contrast. Visual noise is minimized by the lenses.
  • Gunnar's proprietary lens tint and coating filter imbalanced light and transmits only an optimal spectrum to ease the eyes.
  • The lens focusing power of Gunnar i-AMP technology relaxes eye muscles and enhances near vision.
  • Wrapped frames and lenses create a personal ocular microclimate. By blocking drying air currents, relative humidity increases.

The glasses come in an attractive metal box that's padded with foam. If the box is too unwieldy for your purse or man-bag, there's a soft carrying case that also doubles as lens cloth.

The frames are super light, which aids in comfort and lowers strain. Gunnar offers a variety of models in different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, so there's bound to be something you like.

I noticed an immediate difference after putting the Gunnars on. My LCD panel had a crisper look and glare issues were absolutely eliminated. The difference is much more noticable when using a PC in a room with typical office lighting. When I brought my laptop to my favorite coffeehouse, which has plenty of natural light, the benefits weren't as apparent.

As for my eyes having their own microclimate...I don't know about that one. Call me skeptical, but I don't see how any glasses can give your eyes their own climate, which is a shame, because I was planning to use my eyelids as a micro-farm.

Personally, I found the Shredder's yellowish tint to be pretty cool, though I was disappointed that the lenses wouldn't help me identify the power level of my neighbor's cat. That said, I'm not sure if these lenses would be appropriate for graphic designers or other people that require color accuracy. I haven't played any games using the Shredders, but I will tonight. I'm curious to see if the benefits outweigh the altered colors.

Like I said earlier, I'm going to be using these glasses for the next month. If you have any questions about them or if you want me to test anything in particular, please let me know. Do you think glasses like this can make a big difference for you? Or do all of you have young eyes that haven't been damaged by decades of gaming and computer use? Let me know (please)!

Unboxing And First Impressions: Gunnar Optiks Shredder


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