SEC to Review Apple's Reveal of Jobs's Health Problems


Posted January 21, 2009 - By bleahy

Steve Jobs recently stepped aside as CEO of Apple, taking five months off to deal with health problems stemming from his battle with cancer. If you've been following Apple's stock price, it tends to rise and fall with the health of Jobs.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (ask your dad) will be conducting a review of Apple's reveal of Jobs's health to determine if they attempted to manipulate their stock price by concealing or timing the release of information.

An SEC review, however, does not mean guilt is assumed and no one is saying that yet. In fact, Apple stock price has actually gone up since the SEC review was revealed. Wacky, huh?

Hit the jump for in-depth financial analysis from the only "person" that understands how the stock market actually works: Dr. Snuggles.


*Disclaimer: Dr. Snuggles a cat and anything he says should not be taken as advice for investments in the stock market.

Does anyone else think it is wrong that a man's health plays into a company's stock price? Are we then, at this point, betting on a man's life? What does that make us? Human? (Ed. Note: He thinks he's people!).

“The company has used him and made him a public figure to increase the value of Apple,” said John Dienhart, professional ethics professor at Seattle University. “If you take the good from that, then you have to take the bad.” A valid point, but does the fact that Jobs is Apple's CEO require him to reveal his health to investors? He's not running for President!

In fact, isn't the SEC revealing that they are investigating Apple's practices going to affect the stock price in some way? Shouldn't these be secret? Have they become what they seek to destroy?!


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SEC to Review Apple's Reveal of Jobs's Health Problems


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