Angry Gamer Throws Taco At His Own Mother


Posted January 20, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

This is the most important video game story of the last several years, so get ready to have your face blown apart by the awesomeness of what I am about to report: Last week, in Volusia County, Florida, video gamer Zachary Moir reportedly threw a taco at his mom.

Apparently, Zachary was playing a video game in his room, and his mom was like, “Come down for dinner!” Zachary didn’t answer, so Moms goes, “Fine, whatever, I’ll unplug your game,” and she did. Zachary responded by pushing her, calling her names and ordering her out of his room.

Later, Zach came down for dinner and reportedly threw a taco in his mother’s face. He is being held without bail by police, who apparently don’t understand how important video games can be.

Like many news stories reported by the biased, mainstream media, this one leaves many vital questions unanswered. What system was Zachary playing? What game? Was this a beef or chicken taco, or was it carnitas? Soft shell or hard shell? Are they even sure it was a taco and not a gordita or some kind of burrito? I invite you, g4tv.com reader, to fill in the important details in the comment section below. What game do you think Zachary was playing? And what was left out of this important story?

UPDATE: According to a better source on this important story (thanks, forhezeanubee), it was an Xbox! Also: Here's what a guy who's accused of throwing a taco at his own mom looks like:


Angry Gamer Throws Taco At His Own Mother


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