Addressable Advertising Coming Soon


Posted January 13, 2009 - By kijibe

Charter Cox, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Comcast and Bright House Networks have banded together to create a new advertising concept called Canoe to make make commercials more "interactive and user specific." They're calling it "addressable advertising."

Which could be a good thing. I never felt quite right being inundated with Viagra ads while I'm eating my late night snack and watching a repeat of Star Trek. I'd ask myself, "why me?"

These collaborators are going to test market Canoe in Baltimore. And how are they going to improve the type of ads used and placed in homes?

"We match anonymous, non-sensitive, geographic and demographic household characteristics to ad messages we think will be more relevant. This will not increase or decrease the number of ads you see and throughout the test your privacy will be protected. Our privacy policy is detailed in our public Privacy Policy Statements and available on our web site."

To do this comprehensive gathering of vital data, Comcast is "building a 500 terabyte TV warehouse" to hold a year's worth of stats collected from 16+ million homes.

What do you guys think about behavioral advertising? Google does it, so why not cable companies?


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Addressable Advertising Coming Soon