US Army Funds Drunk Driving Game Made By Canadians


Posted January 13, 2009 - By r_pad

As if its 13-million dollar mall "attraction" wasn't a big enough waste of money, the US Army is now funding a drunk-driving game -- made by Canadians! The game, Booze Cruise, was originally made in 2007 by The University of Calgary. Kotaku has reported:

"The U.S. Army is funding improvements to a drunk driving game developed at the University of Calgary, in hopes of reducing what they say is a growing drunk driving problem among soldiers returning from war zones. Booze Cruise allows users to enter their weight and a number of drinks, then attempt to drive home using keyboard keys on their computer driving games. Reaction times are delayed and screen vision blurred, while they drive trying to avoid pedestrians, vehicles and other obstacles."

One of the school's professors, Jim Parker, said "What we're trying to show them is it's not possible to think yourself sober. Some people believe that if you just focus, you can drive really well." The Canadian branch of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) disagrees with that assessment. MADD Canada's CEO Andrew Murie said, "We've spent decades telling people not to drink and drive, and this simulator, one of the skills it teaches is to drink so much, and then drive."

Drinking and driving is a serious issue, but there's a lot of ridiculous things happening here. Why is the US Army funding a Canadian game? Surely an American company could easily whip up something similar. I love Canada (well, Vancouver and Montreal anyway), but the US needs to do a better job at keeping its money within its borders during this economic downturn.

Next issue: Is a game really the best way to convey the perils of drunk driving? Call me crazy, but I expect the guys and gals in the military to be more disciplined. If some soldiers get out of hand with something like driving under the influence of alcohol, shouldn't a higher ranking soldier rail into them? Games can be a great teaching tool, but in this case it seems unnecessary. Being chewed out by a real-life Sergeant Slaughter (yes, I know he's a Marine) would pound a lesson into my head faster than any game could.

Last issue: MADD Canada...are you just stupid?

Anyway, am I wrong here? Do you think this is a waste of money? Should the US Army be giving money to Canadians (with their flapping heads and beady eyes)? Speak now, or forever hold your peace.


US Army Funds Drunk Driving Game Made By Canadians


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