'AionGuard' Revealed In New EDGE Magazine


Posted January 12, 2009 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

The newest issue of EDGE Magazine gives us a first look at AionGuard, the new game from Avalanche Studios. Although the game doesn't have a publisher yet, the details that were revealed show promise, and considering it's coming from the same guys who made the often over-looked Just Cause, I'm cautiously optimistic.

In AionGuard you will play as...well the Aion Guard who are attempting to take back their world after their civilization was almost destroyed. Their mortal enemies are the Nazurbaal who are harvesting the world of its magical energy. To combat the Nazurbaal and all their evil wizards and dragons, the Aion Guard have merged themselves with symbiotic armor, similar to Venom, which grants them incredible powers. Avalanche developers have described the Aion Guard as a mix of "WWI dogfighter pilots, Samurai and medieval knights." For more details on the gameplay, hit the Read More link.

AionGuard is described as an open-world, epic-war game where you will lead a thousand-man army into enemy territory in attempts to take down their stronghold. Strategy will come into play, as often the best way to take your opponent will be to attack from behind. Strongholds are powered by "geo nodes", which means if you're smart enough you'll cut them off from their power supply before you storm the gates and teach those Nazurbaal a lesson. In some levels you'll have a chance to befriend local tribes, who may consider beefing up your forces with uniqely classed units.

According to Avalanche, AionGuard will have the "finest set-pieces videogaming has to offer," but only time will tell. Just Cause had a lot of potential and a great open world design, but just missed the mark on presentation and playability. Also, it got really repetative. Let's hope AionGuard raises the bar.


'AionGuard' Revealed In New EDGE Magazine


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