Raymond's Top Three Picks Of CES 2009


Posted January 12, 2009 - By Raymond Padilla

Now that I've had a weekend to think about everything that happened at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, I wanted to share three things that have me the most hyped with CES announcements. Readers that have been following G4's coverage of the event know that tons went down, with a slew of awesome devices coming out soon. While this isn't a Best of the Best of CES list by any means, the following products are what I'm personally jazzed about. Here's my "top three" of CES 2009 list (and don't forget to list your best of CES for a chance to win a classic Sony Walkman!):

3) Samsung Luxia LED TVs -- I'm a big fan of Samsung displays. I'm currently rocking one right now and I was planning to buy a new one this year. Samsung's Luxia televisions look amazing. Early reports are that the company is really starting to perfect the use of LEDs in LCD televisions, resulting in amazing blacks, high contrast ratios, and a superb overall picture. While I definitely want to see a calibrated set and some in-depth reviews before I make a purchase, the Luxia's other features have me intrugued. Each set in the line is just a tad over an inch thick, which is just cool and space saving. They also have ethernet jacks for Netflix streaming and Flickr access. The top-of-the-line model even has a 240Hz refresh rate! Lastly, Samsung claims that Luxia TVs are mercury free and use up to 40 percent less power than similarly sized LCDs -- both features are better for the environment, while the latter is also better for my wallet (Gcycle!).

2) Dell Adamo -- I know plenty of you aren't into Dell's products, but I've been totally happy with my XPS 1330, as well as the two Dell laptops I used prior to my current baby. Dell gives me a combination of solid performance, fair price, and superior service. That said, its laptops have always been a step behind Apple's, Sony's, and others when it comes to slick looks. The new Adamo line should change all that. The first Adamo product is shaping up to be a thin-and-light notebook that packs some serious performance in a svelte aluminum chassis. The early photos of this product scream, "Sexy!" (it was screaming, not just saying...trust me). I'm really looking forward to Adamo's arrival this spring. Anyone want to buy an XPS 1330 by any chance?

1) Palm Pre -- For me, this was the product of the show. Everyone and their second cousin knew that Palm would be announcing its new operating system at CES 2009, but few people expected Web OS to be so cool and even fewer expected that it would be running on the dashing Palm Pre. I love the phone's smooth lines and understated looks, but more than that, I love how so many of the Pre's functions are cloud based. Web OS appears to have really tight, intuitive, and smart Internet integration that permeates several of its functions, which is how I think a mobile device should be. Although the wise words of one of my favorite tech writers has tempered my enthusiasm, I'm greatly looking forward to more Palm Pre details.

Unsurprisingly, two of the picks were based on things I need to upgrade this year (TV and phone), while the other one was more of a nice-to-have upgrade. I guess that's why the Ooma Telo just missed the list. As you can tell, my current Ooma system has been serving me well.

While you guys leave your "best of CES" comments here, I'd like to know what products you're planning to upgrade in 2009. Are there any new TVs, consoles, PCs, phones, etc. on your 2009 wish list?

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Raymond's Top Three Picks Of CES 2009


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