Watch 'Flight of the Conchords' Season 2 (Pre)Premiere Here and Now!


Posted January 11, 2009 - By Derek Snowden

Ladies, gentlemen, and geeks of all genders (in the US only - sorry, New Zealanders), I am proud to have the opportunity to non-exclusively present to you via near-standard-def streaming video for your viewing ecstacy...

...the first episode from the second season of HBO's Flight of the Conchords -- exactly an entire week before it officially premieres!

Now, while I don't normally (ever) contribute to the physical being of our blog in terms of written content (you'll see why - I'm hopelessly addicted to runaway parentheticals), I've been a constant part of G4 and G4tv.com longer than just about anyone on the planet.

Quick (true) story:

When I helped (that's right, I helped!) start up this network around eight years ago, I was in a planning meeting for G4TV.com (the TV show) with other founding G4 luminaries (besides myself) where I spouted, "Whatever we end up with here, it HAS to be butt-ass funny."

Naturally, everyone's response was, "Okay!"

Well, it was more like, "Oh-KAYYY..." and an implied, "Next!"  Shortly after shooting the first G4TV.com episode, I was invited to officially un-join the show as co-host, vacating a seat that Laura Foy filled in a way-way-better way than of course I ever could have done anyway, and graciously leaving me with more time to work on G4tv.com (the website.)

The reason I made that particular insistence then was not only that I am an air-headed buffoon, but also because I know what I like...plus, I know when I see something that is butt-ass funny.   So, I can absolutely tell you, without fear of reprisal from comment-ers, that I know that I like things that are butt-ass funny. 

Therefore, as the self-proclaimed proclaimer of all things butt-ass funny, I hereby proclaim that Flight of the Conchords are butt-ass funny.

Their butt-ass funny quotient comes from the HBO television series, their BBC Radio series, Bret and Jemaine's lovable and dippy New Zealand-y demeanor and onstage complementation of each other and, of course, their music.  I love them and I want to be them, both of them...and Murray Hewitt, their manager.  I also want to be Rhys Darby, who plays Murray.  I don't want to be Mel, their only- and only-mostly-true fan(atic), because, I suppose, I already am her. 

So, when G4tv.com was recently given the opportunity to also stream their Season 2 opener before it airs on HBO, I jumped.  I jumped, twitched a bit, and then did a little dance reminiscent of Bret's 'angry-dance' from the Season 1 ender.

Any Conchords fan worth his or her weight in kiwis knows you have to watch an episode at least as many times as there are total episodes in the entire series.  You may have already watched this, the 13th installment in the HBO series, when it was released a couple of weeks ago (on another website), but you almost certainly haven't seen it the (currently) requisite 13 times yet, so get cracking.   

If you prefer, you may save your 13th viewing of this episode for when it officially
premieres next Sunday at 10PM on HBO.

Watch the entire Season 2 opener of HBO's (butt-ass funny) Flight of the Conchords NOW!

(And then watch it again!)

Watch 'Flight of the Conchords' Season 2 (Pre)Premiere Here and Now!


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